Covid Procedures

The safety of your precious children is very important to us!  As we resume classes in the building, we will be following the protocols listed below.

Classes for children ages Birth – 5 will resume 9/12 and 9/13.  We will offer classes during both the Saturday 5:00 gym service and the Sunday 9:00 parking lot service.  If you attend the parking lot service, please pull in and park in your desired spot in the parking lot, then walk your child(ren) into the building and to the check-in area.  For both services (until further notice), we ask that all children be dropped off before the beginning of the service (no mid-service drop-offs).  Please return to pick your child(ren) up as soon as the service ends, and take them with you to fellowship with other families.

A staff member or specially trained volunteer will always be at the check-in assisting families and area ensuring protocols are being followed (see below).

• Children ages birth - 3 will be in the main Nursery room.  
• 4s & 5s will be in 113/114 (or combined with Nursery depending on numbers).  **Note this change from last year.
• The hallway in the Children’s Area will be one way (follow the signs).  
• Please have your child(ren) use the bathroom and wash their hands before coming to class.
• Hand sanitizer and a list of instructions will be at each check-in kiosk.
• At the door to the check in area, we will take every child’s temperature with a no-touch thermometer and ask about symptoms.  Children with any fever or exhibiting any symptoms will not be allowed to come to class.
• One parent will be allowed into the Children’s Area to drop off or pick up their child(ren) at their class(es), then follow the one way signs around the hallways back out through the check-in door.  
• For pick up and drop off, only 3 families will be allowed in the Children’s Area at a time to ensure proper distancing.  Once one family/parent leaves, the next will be let in.
• All volunteers must wash hands as they arrive in their class (or just before if there is no sink in their room) and per CDC guidelines.
• All volunteers will wear face coverings at all times.
• Face coverings are not required for children 3 and under.  Face coverings are encouraged for 4 & 5 year olds but not required.  Parents may choose to have their child(ren) wear face coverings.
• We will have bins of toys for each service that will be switched between services.  All toys will be sanitized each week.  Pagers and all surfaces will be sanitized frequently.
• No snacks or drinks will be served or allowed in the classrooms except bottles for babies.

Classes for 1st – 5th grade will resume 10/10 and 10/11.  At this point, the plan is to have class for 1st-5th graders at the Saturday 5:00 and Sunday 9:00 services.  Once a second service is added on Sunday, we will go back to our regular practice of 1st – 5th Grade Kid’s Church at the second Sunday service.
• 1st – 3rd grade will be in 110/112.
• 4th – 5th grade will be in Room 123.
• Face coverings are required for all volunteers and 1st – 5th grade children at all times.
• Children will stay in their small groups (appropriately distanced) for the duration of class (no large group gatherings or activities).  Small group activities that don’t involve shared items/touching are encouraged.  

Please contact Bethel or Amy with any questions.  We look forward to sharing God’s love with your children!