Men's Advance

Ironmen's Advance

Let's face it. Life isn't always easy or simple. It's busy, hurried, demanding, and sometimes downright scary. Slowing down for a weekend men's advance is far more useful and necessary than we could possibly imagine. We need perspective, we need refreshment, and we need LOTS of endurance. Running the race of life with endurance is not merely surviving, getting by, eking out a living, but a powerful release of God's victory in your everyday life. It's not a walk, a saunter, a limp, a sprint, but a run. It is possible to run spiritually with joy and freedom. It is not always easy, but the end result is so worth it. Our weekend away will challenge us to endure and thrive in life's race; to engage and to be spiritually alive. We'll hit four key reminders to help us endure and succeed where it matters most in life.