VCB Men's Shotgun Event

This will be an excellent, safe opportunity to get training and shoot in a private environment. Whether you have firearms experience or not, we welcome you to join us! We will provide a safety orientation where safe firearms handling will be demonstrated and range rules will be explained; we want you to be safe and comfortable with firearms before the shooting begins. All shooting will be supervised by experienced shooters. If you do not have equipment, we can provide all equipment necessary. If you have your own safety glasses, hearing protection, or shotgun you are encouraged to bring it. We will work with shotguns (weather permitting) and shoot at moving clay targets which provide instant visual feedback (they explode in a very gratifying manner).

This event will be at a private location (the Rockford Skeet & Trap Club) with only VCB men and a club safety officer. You are invited no matter your experience level, from the non-hunter/shooter to the accomplished hunter/shooter. The cost is $15-$45 (depending on how much you shoot) and loaded with fun.

We do need a head count for equipment, so please let us know if you wish to sign-up. If you are bringing your own shotgun, there are restrictions on the shotshells used at this club, please talk with Adam or Mike before buying shells for this event. Also, for those interested in maximizing their fellowship, there is a carpooling and dinner option (see timing and places below). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mike or Adam.

Adam Kungel 8479465594

Mike Mammoser 8477128511


Here is the itinerary:  

Friday Sept 28th

12:00pm Meet at VCB for carpooling/caravan

12:30pm Depart promptly

12:30 and Drive to Rockford Skeet & Trap (see address below)

1:30pm Safety Briefing

2:00pm Shooting Begins

4:30-5:00pm Leave Club for Dinner

6:00pm Meet at Restaurant for Dinner in Lake Geneva (see address below)

7:30pm Arrive at Camp for Registration

8:00pm Meeting One of Conference

Rockford Skeet & Trap

8104 Lindenwood Rd

Rockford, IL 61109

The Waterfront Pub & Grill

408 State Rd 50

Delavan, WI262 728 4700

FYI- We are planning to host a DNR Hunter Safety class soon, details to follow. 

Hang tight while we prepare your form...