Scrip is a great way to buy gift cards and get rewards for your purchases. When you buy a gift card with Scrip, the church gets a percentage back. This gift card will be delivered to you, and the money the church gets can be used to pay for any church event. Families have paid for student retreats entirely from Scrip in the past! Check out the Scrip Website for all the businesses that are participating. 
To Set Up Your Scrip Account:
  1.  To begin the registration process go to
  2. The enrollment code for VCB is 7BCLD65555634.
  3. Select “Sign In” (blue box on top right) to set up username and password.
  4. Select “Dashboard” then “Family Accounts.”
  5.  Select “New Family Account,” then complete steps 1-4 when prompted.

To Set Up Banking Information for Presto Pay
This is a one-time process that enables your payment to be withdrawn from your bank account.
PLEASE NOTE: A 15-cent convenience fee will be charged by the bank for each order you place.
1. Select “Presto Pay” under “Family Accounts.”
2. To watch an informational video, select “Presto Pay” (above “Family Registration”).
3. Select “Click here” to read the Presto Pay guidelines.
4. Agree to the terms and enroll by selecting “here” at the bottom of the gray square.
5. Read “Organization Terms of Use.”
6. Under “Enrollment” select “here” to link your Scrip account to your bank account.
7. Your account will be considered pending until you have received and confirmed 2 small deposits from GLSC.
8. After the deposits are made, go to, and select “Family Function” then “Presto Pay” to enter the 2 deposit amounts.
9. After you create a PIN # (save for later use), you will receive a 4-digit approval code.
10. Email VCB’s Scrip Coordinator, the approval code to complete the registration process.

To Place an Order -
PLEASE NOTE: All funds are immediately withdrawn from your bank account when your order is placed.
1. Sign in then select “Dashboard.”
2. Scroll down to “Family Functions” and select “Express Order.”
3. Begin typing in retailer/product name, and it will appear.
4. Choose the dollar amount and option you want to order. PLEASE NOTE: Some of the options include Scrip Now and/or Reload.
5. Choose the quantity of cards you are ordering, then select “Add to Cart.”
6. Repeat process until your order is complete.
7. Select the blue circle on the top right of the page (next to the word “Cart”).
8. Select “Presto Pay.”
9. Enter your PIN #.
10. Select “Submit Order.” (A 15-cent convenience fee will be applied to each order.)

VCB Co-Coordinator Contact Information
For questions about ordering, your account balance and personal earnings distribution questions/requests, contact Beth Biancalana.