AWANA is our mid-week Bible club which features Scripture memory, group games, and kid-friendly Bible lessons. AWANA meets Tuesday evenings during the school year. We have Sparks Club for Kindergarten through 2nd grade and T&T Club for grades 3rd through 5th. TREK (Middle School) and Journey (High School) programs are also available. Please email any questions to our AWANA Commander.
     - Sparks & Girls/Boys Club Registration is $80 (Fee includes book).
     - Trek/Journey Registration is $25.  Trek/Journey are supplemental and are not intended to replace Club JAM or Club ROCK. For more details about the materials and benefits, please click here.
Early Bird Discount!!  Save $20 off your registration if you sign up by 8/31! (does not apply to Trek/Journey)
Uniform, book bag or other items needed can be purchased separately. Full/partial scholarships are available to families in need. Any questions, please email or call the church office.

Click here to register for 2020-2021 AWANA clubs.

AWANA Overall Changes:
•No Meal Deal until Jan. 2021 at earliest
•No Cubbies/Puggles until Jan. 2021 at earliest (if already paid, will be refunded)
•No open gym time until Jan. 2021 at earliest
•No combined club opening ceremonies until Jan. 2021 at earliest
•Club night will run from 6:45-7:45

Dropoff/Pick-up and Room Locations:
•Each club will have its own designated drop off area and home room(s), with no crossover from other clubs. Starting no earlier than 6:30, a volunteer will check-in each child from the convenience of your car, as well as do a temp scan. From your entrance, your child will be walked to their room.
•Sparks (K-2nd)-123 and 122, entrance would be "main entrance" door 7
•Girls' Club (3rd-5th)-107A&B and 110/112, entrance would be "office entrance" door 1
•Boys' Club (3rd-5th)-gym, entrance would be 'side gym entrance' door 5
•Once all the clubbers have arrived, all entrances are locked and secured.  Security will continue to walk premises throughout the night. If you need late drop off or early pick up, please contact your director and Tony Marineau 847-287-9599
Nightly schedule:
Due to each club being spread out in different areas for social distancing,  they will be split into two groups to allow for the message time to be delivered.
•Group A
o6:45-7:05 verses
o7:05-7:15 zero contact game time (simon says, trivia, etc)
o7:15-7:35 message time
o7:35-7:45 announcements/rewards
•Group B
o6:45-7:05 message time
o7:05-7:15 announcements/rewards
o7:15-7:35 verses
o7:35-7:45 zero contact game time (simon says, trivia, etc)
Pick-up process:
A checkout leader will greet you at your car, and will walkie talkie to a leader in your child's homeroom, who then will walk your child to your car. We will be ready for pick-up starting promptly at 7:45pm.

Other important info:
•At the beginning and end of club, every room will be wiped down (tables, chairs, etc)
•To ensure social distancing there will be a three kids per table max
•Kids will stay in the general area of their designated seat/table for the evening
•Encourage any bathroom visits prior to club
•Masks will be worn at all times
•Normal attendance tracking info will also be relied on if we learn of someone testing positive
•Every child needs to bring their own writing utensil (pencil, crayons, etc)
•If you have any interest in a virtu/al only option, please let me know.
•Early Bird will be extended thru 8/31

We need MANY volunteers to make AWANA possible! To sign up to volunteer please fill out the form below. Background checks are required to volunteer with AWANA.

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