Campus Life

Between weekly clubs, outreach events, and personal ministry, Campus Life strives to build relationships with the youth of today to positively impact them towards the Gospel. Many kids become involved in weekly meetings through their peers inviting them to periodic outreach events. The main venue of ministry is through adult volunteers and peer leaders consistently living life together with the purpose of revealing Christ through word and deed. Campus Life works closely with area churches to connect new and young believers into a healthy body of believers.


Campus Life provides a year round outreach to a school by relationally engaging with students in need of Christ. Through mentor relationships, creative programs, service opportunities, and unforgettable trips, Campus Life shares the good news of Christ to an increasingly unchurched generation of students.


1. Volunteers needed to participate at Campus Life Center in Barrington, Monday-Friday from 3-7 pm; Flexible hours for discipling, meeting with students and tutoring. Serve one day per week or month.
2. Club Leaders needed for Barrington to minister directly with students on Monday nights at 7 pm at Campus Life Center.
3. Volunteers needed to help lead and coordinate monthly evangelism training of students.
VCB Contact: Ron Velleuer