Men's Discipleship

Why are we here? Why, after we became a believers, didn't the Lord just take us home? We believe He left us here to Glorify Him through the fulfillment of The Great Commission (Matt 28:19,20).   GO MAKE DISCIPLES! VCB offers men's discipleship groups. If you have a need to be more deeply established in your walk with Christ and desire to equip others with what the Lord has entrusted to you, we would love to place you in one of our groups (Col 2:7 and II Tim 2:2). Here is a list of some of our specific goals and objectives:

1. Complete a core discipleship curriculum Acts 17:11
2. Write out personal testimony (before, how, and after) I Peter 3:15
3. Learn to share the gospel using the Word of God Is 55:10,11
4. Memorize "top 30" memory verses from Scripture Ps 119:9,11
5. Read the entire Bible  Deut 32:47
6. Write out "Spiritual Guardrails" Pr 27:17
7. Prepare five "Condensed Topical Bible Studies" Rom 14:5
8. Be able to communicate the "Big Picture" (VCB Strategic Plan) Heb 5:12-14
9. Weekly Kingdom Service, FIND A PLACE TO SERVE Mark 10:45
10. Daily pattern of time in the Word and Prayer Josh 1:8 and Jer 33:3

Please contact Jim Crouter or Dave Corning