Kenya Partnership

The Kenya Water Project was founded in 2007 to supply safe drinking water in Usonga Location in Western Kenya, where one VCB member grew up. There was only one well serving the village of Ka Wanyande and surrounding villages. Women and children commonly walked six miles to the well. The Nzoia River, once a supply of safe water, became polluted and carried waterborne diseases. Tragically, this VCB member's own brother died from typhoid fever in 2005 from using the water.

In July 2007, fundraising was well underway and a VCB short-term missions team traveled to the village to prepare for the well drilling and to scope out other project ideas. With generous donations from VCB, one well was drilled in November 2007 and a second well was drilled in 2008. The boreholes were strategically located to serve the 12,000 people of the Usonga Location area.

In July 2010, a VCB short-term team traveled to the area to provide a Vacation Bible School at a primary school and to train Sunday School teachers to communicate the Word of God to hundreds of children in the area.

VCB partnered with the Sumba community and Barrington Afternoon Rotary in 2012  to construct a clinic at the site of the second borehole.  A short term team was there in 2013  when the clinic was dedicated.  Since then, VCB has sent two teams to work with the clinic staff through medical care and eye glass clinics.

This July we plan to once again partner with the local churches to carry out the Great Commission through pastor training, visits and worship with the Christian Union in two local secondary schools, hygiene kits for high school girls, and teaching in a primary school.
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