Kids Hope USA

One simple thing will make a big difference in the life of an at-risk child: One-on-one, positive attention from a responsible, caring adult.

You can change a life…and that’s no small change.

Millions of our children are living in situations where their emotional and social needs are not being met, putting them at risk. Millions of children in America are searching for proof that someone cares. KIDS HOPE USA is here to give them that proof, one child, one hour at a time. Our proven programs join one church and one school in a partnership that helps children thrive.

At Village church, we started mentoring students in Palatine at Sanborn Elementary School in September, 2015.  There are more kids in need of mentors than the number we have available, so we are always looking for more mentors!!
KIDS HOPE USA mentors spend just one hour per week reading, talking, playing, and listening to a child at school. By helping the child feel loved and valued, they help that child to learn, grow, and succeed.


If you have any questions about Kids Hope USA please contact Linda Melder.