Drive-in Lyrics

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Only King Forever
Our God and firm foundation
Our Rock the only solid ground
The nations rise and fall
Kingdoms once strong now shaken
We trust forever in Your name
The name of Jesus
We trust in the name of Jesus

You are the only King forever
Almighty God we lift You higher
You are the only King forever
Forevermore You are victorious

Unmatched in all Your wisdom
In love and justice You will reign
And ev'ry knee will bow
We bring our expectations
Our hope is anchored in Your name
The name of Jesus
We trust the name of Jesus

We lift our banner high
We lift the name of Jesus
From age to age You reign
Your kingdom has no end
The First and the Last

You are the first and the last
Beginning and the end
The promise of wonders to come
The future is in Your hands
Caught in Your light, with all the earth we will sing

You are the author of love
Our freedom is in Your name
Embracing the cross meant for us
And brought us to life again
Caught in Your love
With all we are, let us sing

God our hope, and our salvation
Worthy of all the praise
Be our light, everlasting, great is Your name
Jesus the First and the Last

Show us the way of Your love
Lead us toward the truth
Stir up the fire in us to live out this life for You
Caught in Your name, Jesus, forever we'll sing

Every heart, every nation will hear the sound
As Your light breaks through the darkness
And Your name rings out
Every distant horizon will meet as one
Singing, "Holy is Your name"
We sing, "Holy is Your name"
Hymn of the Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit guide my vision
Help me see the way You see
Always Jesus ever Jesus
Christ in all as Christ in me

Holy Spirit guide my speaking
Words of grace and truth abound
Let my lips be filled with stories
Of the mercy that I've found You're...

You're the light, You're my path
You're the Shepherd of my soul
All I am, all I have, Holy Spirit lead me on

Holy Spirit guide my hearing
Wake my ears to words You speak
In the thunder in the stillness
Let Your voice be clear to me

Holy Spirit lead me onward
Walking through the great unknown
Trusting leaning holding clinging
Till the day You lead me home

We Hunger and Thirst
Exalted Son of glory, humbly came down
Wounded for the broken, bore the sinner's crown
Through the willing death You died
You became our bread of life

Jesus, we hunger and thirst for You, Lord
As we remember Your sacrifice; We see
the wounds from Your hands and pierced side
Extravagant love! Oh how great the price
Now our lives are Yours

The priceless blood of Jesus, this gracious cup
A life spring overflowing, poured out for us
He has conquered every sin
For the ones who trust in Him
The cup we drink, the bread we eat
Reminds us You are all we need
And makes us long for Your wedding feast