Who We Serve

Saturdays 5pm and Sundays 10:45am

Children 24 months and younger are cared and prayed for in our nursery.

Preschool - 2s/3s:
We use a curriculum called “A Sure Foundation” to teach these children 13 foundational Bible stories and simple Bible truths. This class includes time for free play, singing, storytelling, review, and prayer.

Preschool - 4s/5s:
These preschoolers learn the story of the Bible using a curriculum called “The Gospel Story.” This curriculum gives our children an understanding of the story of the Bible and how it moves towards and flows from the person of Jesus. We use song, storytelling, review, lesson related activities, and prayer.

1st-5th Grade:
Our elementary students are deepening their understanding of the message of the Bible, the centrality of Christ, and how the Bible applies to every area of our lives. We are using the “Gospel Project for Kids” curriculum which gives these children a three year overview of the Bible while highlighting essential doctrines of the Christian faith. Students learn through large group teaching and small group discussion and activities.

Sundays 9am

Children 3 years and younger are cared and prayed for in our nursery.

Preschool - 4s/5s:
These children focus on a 2-year survey of the Bible using the curriculum “He Established a Testimony” and “He Has Spoken by His Son.” These children explore God’s greatness as they see key themes surface chronologically through the Old and New Testaments. This time incorporates free play, song, storytelling, review, and prayer.

Special Class by Registration Only for Children in 4th-5th Grade:
Our 4th and 5th graders are participating in a two-year study called The New City Catechism Curriculum: Lessons for Our Hearts and Minds by the Gospel Coalition.  There are fifty-two lessons, based on the questions and answers of The New City Catechism.  During this class, each child learns the core doctrines of the Christian faith and talks about how these foundational truths apply to their daily lives.